In 2021, National Geographic was failing to attract Gen Zs and Millennials because it was perceived as an out of touch, legacy publishing brand.

National Geographic shares a number of Gen Z and Millennial values – specifically around activism, exploration and sustainability – but it lacked crossover in the other important areas of their lives.

We partnered with people who matter to the audience – subject matter experts, influencers and musicians –  to create an ownable moment the night before Earth Day in places like TikTok and Youtube. This inspired audiences to spend the day itself in nature.


Covered across music, environmental and lifestyle press including Rolling Stone, GMA, Uproxx and Washington Post
Over 300,000+ live viewers on YouTube and 2,000,000+ live viewers on TikTok
139,000,000+ in celebrity social media reach
280,000,000+ social media impressions
Added 14,000 new TikTok followers within an hour of the TikTok live
Won a Webby Award for best virtual performance and two Anthem Awards for purpose and mission-driven work

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